EET Europarts partners with ARMOR to promote greener POS solutions in favour of the environment

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- 29 June 2017 12:20
EET Europarts partners with ARMOR to promote greener POS solutions in favour of the environment


ARMOR, a pioneer and market leader in the Thermal Transfer consumables sector for more than 25 years, has developed a globally unique production process enabling Thermal Transfer rolls to be manufactured without the use of solvent.
ARMOR´s SolFree® is the only Thermal Transfer ribbon manufacturing process that does not use a single drop of solvents, including for the backcoating. SolFree® represents a saving of 365g of CO2 compared to the same ribbon (with average dimensions) produced with a traditional process for the backcoating.
In the case of a user consuming 200,000 m² of wax ribbons (little over 6,000 rolls) and converting into an ARMOR SolFree wax ribbon, the savings add up to 2.2 tonnes of CO2. This equates to a return flight for 2 person Paris - New York (i.e 11,700 km).


ARMOR has shown an extremely high commitment to sustainable development over the past years. This commitment has been formalized through the adhesion to Global Compact of UNO (United Nations Organisation) as well as ICCA Responsible Care programme. This commitment has been formalized into an action plan called Decaplan: 10 strategic subjects related to sustainable development, with a working group for each, ensuring all projects of the company include a sustainable development aspect. One of these groups is dedicated to “Eco Conception”, and is very proud to introduce this new process: SolFree® enabling ARMOR to launch the first ribbon on the market using a 100% solvent free process.
"We are very satisfied with our extended partnership with ARMOR,” says Richard Gregoire, EMEA Director, POS & Auto-ID at EET Group. “Like our customers, we are really concerned about the planet protection and environmental preservation, and the green approach of ARMOR responds perfectly to this common concern. Proposing this solvent free offer to our re-sellers, we can contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint, and confirm our commitment to meet the growing customer demand for easy and quick access to the full range of the best and most sustainable product offers, and we can deliver added-value to existing customers with zero impact on print quality, printer settings and price. The partnership with ARMOR also confirms our strategy to expand our consumables offering all over the EMEA region, on all the thermal transfer printers to be installed or already deployed, and to continue to build value-added POS solutions for our customers.”

“It is with a lot of enthusiasm that ARMOR has started the partnership with EET Europarts," says Pierre-Arnaud HOMMEL, communication manager at ARMOR ICP. "Not only do EET Europarts and ARMOR share a common idea of serving the market with top quality products fulfilling almost all labelling printing needs, but we also share a vision that Thermal Transfer ribbons must take their part for the protection of the environment.


With SolFree®, an ARMOR patented production process to make 100% solvent free ribbons, EET Europarts understood that it would be a winning solution for all stakeholders of the ribbon industry: ARMOR is using no solvents, reducing its own carbon footprint; EET Europarts is adding a differentiative argument to its ribbon offer fulfilling the growing concerns of end-users; and finally, industrials can justify CO2 emission reductions from their ribbon selection. ARMOR is working on applying the SolFree® process to several products of the range. We wish EET Europarts a great success with the ARMOR range.”






For further information about the distribution of ARMOR products and solutions please contact the local Nordic EET Europarts sales entity:




ARMOR ICP is the global market leader in the design and production of inked consumables for Thermal Transfer printers - the technology most used for printing barcodes, logos, expiry dates and batch numbers on labels or directly onto packaging films.


With its unique expertise developed since 1983 in ink formulation and coating on ultra-thin films, ARMOR ICP offers the most comprehensive range of Thermal Transfer ribbons on the market, meeting 99% of marking demands.
ARMOR ICP has established a network of 18 production, logistics and commercial sites worldwide dedicated to formulating inks, coating on ultra-thin films, slitting into rolls and storage & delivery.


ARMOR ICP is part of the ARMOR Group which achieved worldwide sales of €245m in 2016 via its four distinct businesses:


- ARMOR ICP: inked rolls for Thermal Transfer printers
- ARMOR OP: office printing consumables
- ASCA: 3rd generation photovoltaic films
- ACES: current collector films for batteries