Security and Surveillance Newsltter May 2018

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- 11 May 2018 14:31
Security and Surveillance Newsltter May 2018


 Bosch release MIC IP Fusion  




New from Bosch the MIC IP fusion 9000i camera is an advanced PTZ surveillance platform designed to provide early detection in mission-critical applications. With its dual visible/thermal imaging capabilities the MIC IP fusion 9000i is the perfect solution for robust, high-quality imaging.




The camera’s distinctive ruggedised design is well suited for extreme environments and adverse weather conditions such as high winds, rain, fog, ice and snow. Precision engineered, using Bosch’s domain expertise in material and mechanical engineering, the camera offers the most advanced imaging and positioning system available.




The MIC IP fusion 9000i incorporates a high performance thermal imaging core and a 1080p starlight camera in the same housing. This allows the camera to deliver simultaneous thermal and visible video streams maximising the ability to detect and react to long range threats.




The thermal imager incorporates the latest uncooled vanadium oxide microbolometer technology. This high sensitivity thermal imager is equipped with a fixed


focal length. A thermal lens balances the field-of view to maximize the detection distance. User adjustable settings for contrast and gain allow operators to optimise the image to ensure delivery of the highest quality video. In addition, a wide variety of user selectable thermal colour modes are available allowing further optimisation of the thermal image. Depending on the model mix, QVGA resolution (320 pixels) and VGA resolution (640 pixels) versions are available with choice of low (<9Hz) or high (30/60Hz) frame rates.




Part numbers – MIC-9502-XXXXX






Redvision adds pre-built camera options to VEGA housings




Redvision has added two pre-built fixed-camera options to its newly launched VEGA™ rugged housing range. So security installers can now buy complete, rugged fixed-camera solutions from Redvision with the same tough, hazardous or corrosive outdoor surveillance characteristics as their market-leading X-SERIES™ and VOLANT™ rugged PTZ cameras.


The initial VEGA™ 2050 camera options include the VEGA™ 2052 with a built-in 2MP camera module and the VEGA™ 2054 which has a built-in 4MP camera module. Both VEGA™ 2050 cameras are fully ruggedised to offer protection from dirt, moisture and dust ingress. They are also cable-managed with easy to connect terminals making them vandal-resistant as well as simple to install with pendant or pedestal mounts for ceilings, walls and soffits.




Supplied with Sony™ Exmor™ Low Light Sensors they both offer a 2.7 ~ 12mm motorised zoom lens, Smart IR - up to 60m, audio in/out, true Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Region of interest (ROI) settings. Further features include video analytics, SD card edge storage up to 128GB, alarm triggers for motion or network loss, H.264 and H.265 compression options and ONVIF compliance to Profile S 2.6.




Part Numbers


VEGA 2052  -




VEGA 2054






Intelligent traffic solutions via your Wisenet camera




Video surveillance specialists, Hanwha Techwin in partnership with analytics experts FF Group, have launched a comprehensive suite of ANPR based intelligent traffic management solutions. They range from car park access control for business applications through to large scale city-wide based systems which enable local authorities to keep people safe as well as detect illegally parked vehicles and other traffic infringements.




The FF Group’s licence plate recognition application, which is effective with all European number plate formats, has been integrated with two Wisenet cameras. As a result, the Wisenet SNO-6095RH/FNP and XNO-6120R/FNP ANPR cameras are able to offer more than 95% recognition accuracy - whatever the environmental conditions - and even when for vehicles moving at speeds of up to 150 km/h.




Users can define up to 2,000 number plates in a ‘black and white’ list in order to automatically authorise or decline access to a site or car parking area with each camera able to monitor up to three lanes of traffic. Recorded events include entry/exit activity and direction of vehicles. Alerts can be generated for crime prevention purposes - such as reducing incidents of non-payment at petrol stations.




For large car parks, shopping centres and other commercial sites where there is significant traffic movement, the single-site Wisenet ANPR server solution provides a highly efficient and scalable option. It is able to simultaneously monitor images of vehicle traffic activity by up to 32 cameras whilst additional benefits include online alerting, access control and utilisation analysis.




Part Numbers













FLIR offer 1080p IR PTZ




The FLIR Quasar 1080p IR PTZ camera continues to deliver. With its best in class broadcast video quality and guaranteed frame rates up to 60 FPS combined with IR Illumination, EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation), Servo Feedback and Shutter Wide Dynamic Range the newest member of the Quasar family is designed to tackle the most challenging video capture environments.




The Quasar CP-6302-31-I FHD IR PTZ utilises the latest technology to deliver one of the lowest bandwidths in the industry through its advanced H.264/H.265 motion processing technology. It’s the perfect choice for airports, city surveillance projects, critical infrastructure, business or education campuses or any application requiring Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities.




Part Number CP-6302-31-I






Smart Home NVR from LILIN




LILIN, the leading brand globally for video surveillance in the Smart Home industry sector, have announced the launch of the new NVR 3416R which has been specially designed the Custom Install Market.




Like all the models in LILIN’s NVR 3 Series, their latest addition can display and record up to 16 HD IP video channels with 480FPS and a throughput of 144mbps. Finished in high gloss black with no front panel controls this new ‘R’ model, which is also 19” 1U, has been created to compliment server racks. The NVR 3 Series has IP drivers that make it fully compatible with many leading control systems - such as Control4, Crestron and RTI amongst others. The NVR 3416R can also be viewed and controlled with the leading mobile App LILIN Viewer.




Part Number NVR3416R -






Optex launch vehicle sensors




Optex have released their new range of above ground vehicle sensors. The ViiK vehicle sensor series comprises two models. The OVS-01GT is designed for gate, barrier or industrial door activation whilst the OVS-01CC is a moving vehicle counter. Both sensors use Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology and do not require any civil works to install. They offer a genuine alternative to ground loops in situations where the road surface is damaged or unsealed, paved with cobblestones or above drains and pipes.


The OVS-01GT detects vehicles arriving and stopping within 5.5 metres whilst ignoring pedestrian traffic. The vehicle sensor, which connects to an automatic gate, barrier or industrial door operator includes menu programming, five sensitivity settings and five human cancelling selections - all with one button calibration. It suits simple gate activation applications as well as being used as an integral part of a more sophisticated parking solution.


The OVS-01CC can detect and count small or large moving vehicles up to 60km/h in single lane applications. The vehicle counter can similarly be mounted quickly and easily on a pole or wall at 90 degrees. Its detection area (up to eight metres) can be customised with eight range settings, five sensitivity settings and one touch calibration. The OVS-01CC is perfectly suited for counting cars in open retail parks or monitoring traffic in high streets.




Part Number – OVS-01GT






Bosch ‘speaks-up’ for their new LB20 speakers




The LB20 series is the latest addition to the Bosch family of commercial loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor applications. Acoustically matched and aesthetically compatible with other Bosch models, the LB20 series incorporates innovative features that efficiently and effectively address the real-world needs of both the installer and the end-user – i.e. easy installation and exceptional Bosch audio performance in an incredibly versatile format.




The LB20 series was designed from the ground up to be the new go-to choice for distributed sound systems – compact and cost-effective with no compromises.




The line up includes 4-inch, 5.25-inch and 8-inch 2-way models with a matching dual-10-inch subwoofer making it easy to select a suitable model for a specific space – inside or out. Each one offers true weather-resistant construction confirmed by extensive and rigorous testing above and beyond industry standards.




Combining low-profile looks with robust, set-it -and-forget-it reliability they are ideal for bars, restaurants, patio areas, retail spaces, hotel hallways and lobbies, pool areas, airport lounges and concourses, fitness clubs, places of worship, performing arts centres and similar venues.




Part Numbers LB20-PCXX-X