Surveillance & Security newsletter - November 2019

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- 13 November 2019 16:00
Surveillance & Security newsletter - November 2019

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When you need more than just ANPR – 4Sight Imaging


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4Sight Imaging is transforming traditional automated number plate recognition (ANPR) surveillance and monitoring with a powerful suite of software solutions that enable simple, fast deployment, a radically improved user experience, measurable savings and multiple performance benefits. Imaging software and camera equipment have developed dramatically in recent years. However, mainstream ANPR systems have lagged behind remaining largely dependent on technologies that haven’t kept pace with recent advances in imaging and computing science. As a result they fall short of current requirements for reliable quality, high performance and ease of use. What’s more customers typically find themselves locked into inflexible legacy systems that need constant reconfiguration adding to the strain on operational resources.


To tackle these challenges 4Sight has applied years of leading-edge imaging science expertise, experience and research to develop Veracity - a groundbreaking ANPR software engine. Taking usability as the starting point Veracity’s patented plug-and-play technology eliminates common ANPR challenges, complexity and the need for ongoing maintenance. Utilising next generation IP cameras and advanced image analysis Veracity delivers world-class accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions to enhance security and surveillance, drive operational efficiencies and improve profitability. Veracity is powered by self-configuring adaptive appearance modelling technologies to ensure extremely high performance and reliability. Open architecture principles ensure compatibility with commercial off-the-shelf components, including the most advanced surveillance cameras and computing architectures, to establish a new gold standard in ANPR performance.  

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Hanwha upgrade WAVE VMS


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Hanwha Techwin has introduced a significantly updated version of its Wisenet WAVE Video Management Software (VMS) platform.


Packed with a long list of new features designed to improve the user experience, interoperability and cyber security, Wisenet WAVE 4.0 has an enhanced system architecture which ensures high availability and supports scalable deployments by allowing up to 100 servers to be merged into a single system.

Wisenet WAVE 4.0 enables systems registered on WAVE Sync to be merged from an online dashboard, which eliminates the need to configure port-forwarding for remote merges.

A comprehensive update of the Wisenet WAVE user interface includes a revamp of the notifications panel which now includes tabs for motion detection, bookmarks, events and objects, as well as quick and easy ways to search and filter each respective tab.


A new ‘Layout-as-an-Action’ feature enables a predefined screen layout to be automatically opened when an event occurs, whilst WAVE 4.0 now offers support for queue management analytics running on Wisenet cameras, as well as shock detection on Wisenet X Plus series cameras and temperature change detection on Wisenet thermal cameras.

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Raytec’s pulsed illuminators


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Have you ever wondered how a pulsed illuminator integrates directly with the camera? The lighting pulse of Raytec PULSESTAR can be easily synced with the camera shutter via a digital input to ensure maximum light levels precisely when necessary. Pulsed LED technology delivers significant boosts in illuminator performance compared to equivalent non-pulsed illuminators when used in combination with fast shutter cameras.


In transport applications there are many lighting factors to consider when designing an intelligent system. One of which is whether to use ‘constant’ or ‘pulsed’ illumination. Constant lighting is on all of the time or at least on during darkness. However pulsed lighting synchronises with the camera and is only turned on for very short periods exactly when required. This can have a number of advantages. Pulsing an illuminator can reduce the overall power consumption of the unit by a significant amount. By only deploying the pulsed illumination as and when required running costs can be significantly reduced and it can also help the illuminator to last longer - compared to an illuminator that is on constantly. If power saving is a requirement then the overall power consumption can be reduced by as much as 95% with pulsed LEDs, or by 75% if they are driven at a higher pulse power.

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The D-Link DCS-4625 5-megapixel panoramic fisheye camera is a high-definition professional surveillance solution suitable for both SMBs and enterprises. The camera uses a high-sensitivity 1/2.5” 5-megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor with onboard WDR image enhancement to deliver truly superior quality video in all conditions. With its fisheye lens, a high-resolution sensor, distortion correction and PoE support it’s the ideal solution for monitoring large areas with a single camera -without the need for additional accessories.


To maximise bandwidth efficiency and improve image quality the DCS-4625 provides real-time video compression using the latest H.265 codec. It also supports H.264/MJPEG codecs and three separate profiles for simultaneous video streaming and recording. Video resolutions of up to 2560 x 1920 provide clear details, noise reduction and support for simultaneous video streams, improving quality in case forensic work is required for evidence. Additional support for motion detection, tamper detection and event management features allow for implementation in a wide variety of surveillance applications - such as monitoring public areas to detect incidents and to co-ordinate responses, enforcing access control to restricted areas, deterring criminal activity or monitoring inventory.

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Ernitec’s new Viking series servers – ideal for Milestone installations


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The Viking Series is a range of mini tower servers that can be purchased “off the shelf”. They are designed to offer fast deployment of professional servers to the security industry. The range includes both recording servers and clients. The recording servers are supplied with some initial storage out-of-the-box and, depending on the model, have additional space to add more hard drives if more storage is required. The servers are also optimised for the popular Milestone installations.


All systems have been hardware tested for 24 hours together with many unique systems’ settings before leaving the production line to make sure that the server will run 24/7 – the minimum required in the security and surveillance sector - year after year. The size of the Mini Tower Client, which is only 240x210x279mm, fits in almost any installation. It has 8TB storage and is specified to handle up to 20 cameras in 1080p (HD) and has a recording bandwidth of 120Mbit/sec. The operating system runs on a 240GB SSD drive to ensure optimum operating speed.

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