Verbatim PLA 3D Filament, Silver/Metal

1,75mm Diameter, 1kg Reel PLA (Polylactic Acid) Filament, Degradable Bioplastic

PLA is an easy-to-print filament made of renewable plant-based resources. Verbatim PLA is made to a special recipe with high quality controls as standard. It is odourless with good post-printing workability, making it a wonderful all-purpose material for a wide range of applications including concept modelling and education.

- High performance Polyactic Acid (PLA) for material extrusion
- Biopolymer derived from plants
- Good post-printing workability
- Odourless
- Main applications: Concept modelling for food packaging, transport containers, medical/hygienic products, housings. Education


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More information about the product

Printing materialPolylactic acid (PLA)
Printing coloursSilver
Brand compatibilityUniversal
Print speed30 mm/sec
Tensile modulus63 MPa
Melting point (max)168 °C
Melting point (min)168 °C
Specific gravity1.24 g/cm³
Glass transition temperature (min)58 °C
Glass transition temperature (max)58 °C
Weight & dimensions
Weight1 kg
Thickness2.85 mm
Wire length126 m
Packaging data
Quantity per pack1 pc(s)
Package typeBox
Additional information
Warranty2 years
*The product data above is provided by Icecat. EET cannot be held responsible for errors in relation to this.
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