CoreParts Car Adapter

90W 19V 4.7A Plug:5.5*2.5 Input:10-15V DC, MAX 8A

- The adapters are all 100% compatible guaranteed
- The adapters we supply are all covered by 12 months warranty
- The compatible version of AC adapter is always costs less than an original



S26391-F194-L350, PC628A, MICROBATTERY
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More information about the product

Product colourBlack
Compatibility- Acer Aspire: 1200 Series, 1300 Series, 1350 Series 1351, 1352, 1353, 1355, 1356, 1357, 1355XC
- Acer Ferrari: 3000 Series, 3200 Series, 3400 Series
- Asus A Notebook Series: A200 Series, A200LP, A2C, A6000KM, A6J, A6JA, A6JE, A6VM, A7c, A7cd, A7d, A7db, A7dc, A7f, A7g, A7gb, A7gc, A7j
Capacity90 W
Additional information
Warranty12 months
Input12 - 13.5V
Output Current4.74A
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